At Tempus Jewellery our priority is to provide our customers with the best high-quality products and jewellery and that is why we create high aesthetics jewellery made of quality materials putting emphasis on every single detail.

In order to ensure that the products meet the requirements and satisfy your needs our staff does the appropriate qualitative control before each sale.

With regards to products that we do not manufacture ourselves, such as watches, we make sure that they are of world-class famous brands, having a worldwide reputation from well-respected houses. We always procure from the official delivery network of each brand so that we ensure the 100% authentication. Every product available at Tempus Jewellery is, therefore, original of the “official dealership”, which makes us feel uniquely proud of.

Every single product of ours which you purchase either from one of our boutiques or via our e-shop includes all the necessary documentation.  Jewellery does not perform a specific function so as to have a  a warranty, but  they do have quality certification in which all of the quality characteristics are mentioned. At the same time, the carats of gold pieces of jewellery are referred as defined in the Greek  law with a stamp on the jewellery as well (eg. 585 for 14 carats jewellery, 750 for 18 carats jewellery etc.).

Products, on the other hand, which perform a function, such as watches, lighters, watch winders etc, have the official manufacturer warranty, which lasts 2 years from the purchase date, according to the EU requirements. For this reason, on the warranty card the purchase date is written so that the warranty is valid to all authorized service centers worldwide! The conditions for the warranty are written by the brand, according to the legal terms and regard that the manufacture company is obliged to fix and repair the product free of charge as long as this is not subjected to the customer’s mistreatment.

More specifically, when it comes to mechanical watches, gear setting of the escapement mechanism is a technical process, likely to be needed after a period of time. It is important that the buyer have the warranty card so that this process will not have any extra charge.

We provide you with a list regarding the authorized manufacture Service centres worldwide in case of need as well as we can let you know as to the closest one to you. Besides, if you desire to give the product to us so that we can deliver it ourselves to the appropriate Service Centre, we ensure that we will do our best so as to serve you in the most efficient and professional way.