Corporate Responsibility

The corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the general corporate culture, which characterize the executives of “Tempus Jewellery”.

We provide our customers with jewellery and accessories for their special moments, with the moral duty to exceed expectations with the quality they deserve. Daring to do everything in a different way, we commit to trying our best with our team spirit, passion and the culture to service our customers.

Alongside with our attempt to satisfy our customers, we do not forget the financial, legal and moral responsibility of each business as a social unit. The whole set of targets compose the major objective of the business plan with social accountability, yet, some of the sub-objectives of the “Tempus Jewellery” stores are the following:

  • Ensuring a save environment for staff and visitors
  • Compliance with legislation as well as fair competition rules
  • Commitment to do the right, just and reasonable thing even when there is no legal framework
  • Use of environmentally sustainable practices through the reorganization of internal processes for the reduction of the environmental impact (based on the specific project for its reduction due 2025)
  • Knowledge of product origin and strict control of our suppliers as for their compliance to the best practices
  • Diamonds supply according to The Kimberley Process (KP) for Conflict Free Diamonds (The Kimberley Process is an international certification scheme that regulates trade in rough diamonds and prevent the flow of conflict diamonds)
  • Active support for the activities of both local and non-local organizations, such as the municipality of Thessaloniki and the peripheral boroughs, the trade association of jewelers and watchmakers, the Panhellenic association of retail and online stores etc.