Care Instructions

With the purchase of a Tempus Jewel, this becomes a part of yourself with stays in every moment of you life and lasts for ever. However, in order to look as beautiful as when you first got it, it needs love and care.
In our boutiques we can change the battery of your watch and check the water resistance of the case, usually within the same day.  Moreover we have a special department inside our central store in which we can polish your watch doing a simple cleaning or even a full restoration with the polish of the case and the bracelet so as the watch to look almost as new!
In our boutiques we have a very big variety of leather or rubber straps for watches and other watch accessories and we can place your new strap on your watch and renew the looks of it.
Finally our watch experts are always at yours disposal offering advice for the use and maintenance of your watch or jewellery (part of our advice you can find in our website).
We will be glad and honored to welcome you in one of our boutiques!

Here are some of our boutiques Jewellery Experts’ pieces of advice:

For Jewellery

Wearing – Cleaning – Storing – Repairing – Securing

  • Avoid direct contact with perfume, body lotions or other chemicals – always put your perfume, hairspray, lotion or other cosmetics first and then wear the jewel. In this way you can limit the exposure to the ingredients these products may contain.
  • Remove jewellery when bathing, showering or swimming. Especially avoid wearing in Swimming Pools which use chlorinated water that might react with the metals of your jewelry causing discoloration or even structural damage.
  • It is better to remove jewellery before going to bed for sleeping or before participating in sports activities. (during our sleep we do not control our moves and it is possible that some chains that can be broken by accident, cannot be restored to the original condition at 100%.
  • Remove jewellery during tasks. In this way you will prevent contact with chemicals or other cleaning fluids or even physical damage. Cleaning the house, kitchen work or gardening are tasks that could injure your jewellery
  • The helpful Last thing – First thing Rule! The last you do before you leave your home is to put on your jewellery and the first you do when you return home is to take off your jewellery
  • Clean the pieces occasionally by wiping with a soft cloth which you can wet in warm (not very hot) water. For best results you can use a jewellery polishing cloth to clean them and same time polish them.
  • Inspect your Jewelry Regularly. Like everything else it’s a good idea every now and then to have your jewelry professionally cleaned but also checked and inspected for any possible damages. That way you prevent any further damage or loss and keep all your jewelry in excellent condition.  If it is not possible to do professionally cleaning so often, it is very important every few months to inspect them yourselves with a loop or magnifying glass and especially to check the if the setting of any gemstones look loose…  If it does, you must deliver it for repair at once. With regular inspection not only you ensure that the condition of your jewelry is good but you minimize potentially cost repairs.
  • Jewellery should be stored away separately in a jewellery box
  • Pearls should never put in a air-tight box but in a “basket type” box from which air passes through or else should be wrapped up in a air breathing towel. You can clean them with a soft cloth wet with fresh water.
  • Storing even in special cases requests also the separation of the pieces in small bags or compartments so as they do not touch one other directly. Some gems can be damaged by gold or by other harder gems! You can use your Tempus Jewellery boxes to store your jewels.
  • Also, storing correctly your jewelry is very important while traveling. A travel case can be very useful and will protect them from any possible damage. You are going to be able to find many travelling cases mostly made of fabric or leather that can carry jewelry of all types and are easy to store inside your suitcase.
  • When you leave your jewel for professional care, always inspect it before picking it up. Check if you have accepted the correct piece of jewelry and observe if the repair is made as requested.
  • The platinum finishing is a regular (and latest expensive) maintenance work that should be done in white gold jewellery (mostly rings). How much time the platinum finishing will “last” depends usually on the skin, the living environment and the habits of the jewel owner.
  • Unfortunately, jewelry can get lost or stolen. Taking a regular inventory can be incredibly useful when making an insurance claim or filing a police report. A photograph, a written physical description of each piece and its cost is ideal. Furthermore, store that information apart from your jewelry in the event it is taken too.
  • Many insurance companies when offering a fire insurance contract for your house or property can put in the contract also the loss or steel of jewellery or watches. We can help you by issuing insurance appraisal for all jewels and watches bought from our stores.

For Watches

Every timepiece is unique and esteemed! We provide the following recommendations to ensure the impeccable condition and operation of your watch over its lifetime:

Avoid forceful impacts! This is a sure way of damaging you watch, especially if it is a mechanical one. It is not recommended to wear your watch while playing any sports that may cause any shocks or jolts to the wrist (such as golf or tennis…) unless your watch it specially designed for such use.

Protect your mechanical watch from magnetism by keeping it away from strong magnetic sources such as microwaves, x-rays, speakers, laptops etc…

Water  resistant watches should be washed with running lukewarm water after contact with seawater or chlorine. Watches that are worn in water should be checked for water resistance every two years to ensure the gaskets have not been compromised. Sea salt can damage the gaskets and the links of the bracelet. Watches that are worn in water should be checked for water resistance every year to ensure the gaskets have not been compromised.

Contact with any kind of chemicals is a daily phenomenon. Chemicals may include perfumes, cremes or detergents. We recommend that you should have it maintained with lukewarm fresh water and liquid soap so that the case or the bracelet will not be affected.

After adjusting the hour on a timepiece you must secure again the crown to the correct position. If your watch has a screw in crown it must be tightened by using the security closing system after every hour correction. The only way to enter water or moisture inside a watch with a screw in crown is to be left by accident open. The extra buttons must not be used under the water and it is suggested that before any contact with water to check again the crown and the buttons.

It is always better to turn the date and the hands clockwise, the way the watch is normally working. In many mechanical watches to prevent damage to the movement, avoid adjusting the date between 9PM and 3AM so as to not distupt the date wheel function. If the watch is stopped  between 9PM and 3AM remove the hour hand from that area, correct the date and then correct the time by moving again the hour hand.

Bring your quartz watch to a Tempus Jewellery store when the battery needs changing (and also we recommend to you to ask for water resistance test also). The brand factory overcharge the first battery but after the first change the battery usually can last about 1 year (depending on the type of the watch, the consumption and the use). We advice you not to leave an old battery inside your watch for a long time as an old battery can leak and damage the movement.

As time goes by, the flanges of your watch may get damaged or lose its water resistance. We recommend that you should get it checked regularly for an overhaul service at an authorized retailer for any possible damage of the crown, dial or buttons flange.

Avoid exposing your watch to extreme heat or sudden changes in temperature or humidity (e.g. more than 50 °C or less than 0 °C ). When exposed to extreme temperatures, contraction or expansion of the metal may be observed leading to wearing down. Wearing in sauna, jacuzzi, hot springs etc. is very harmful.

We advise to perform the recommended maintenance service every 4-5 years for an overhaul service. This will ensure the accuracy, water resistance and overall functioning of your timepiece. Only service your at an authorized retailer ensure that the watch is repaired by a trained service center. It is better to your warranty and/or your repair warranty when bringing the watch in for service even if it has been expired.

  • No watch is 100% waterproof! Use your watch according to the water resistance sing on it.
  • Water resistant to 30 meters =  3 bar: Withstands splashes of water or rain but should not be worn while swimming or diving
  • Water resistant to 100 meters = 10 bar : Suitable for swimming in shallow water (but when exist also some other requirements – please advice your watch expert for each watch)
  • Water resistant to 200 meters = 20 bar:  Suitable for snorkeling or to free diving.
  • Water resistant to 300 meters = 30 bar: and more Suitable for scuba diving
  • All activities permitted have to do with cold – or little warm water.
  • Hot shower or sauna is not suitable for any wrist watch no matter in how many meters it is Water Resistant.

Always keep the warranty of the manufacturer at least as much time as it is valid. All our watches come with a manufacturer‘s warranty which covers only the correct function of the mechanism (and not the outer parts of the watch – or the humidity that may enter from these outer parts) for at least 2 years. The manufacturer will repair (not replace) the non working timepiece free of charge within these two years only if the warranty card or booklet will be presented.  The legal receipt has to do only with the retail store like Tempus Jewellery and it is not be accepted by the manufactures for warranty cover.  So the most important thing is to keep always your manufacturer warranty!